Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A :"Normal" Week

Yeah this week we had a nice little surprise sunday.. because monday was a holiday here in angola we received word that we would be working as normal on monday and that tuesday will be out p-day.. so here we are now hahaha This week was pretty solid.. nothing really happened.. we just walked around a lot, taught some really good lessons and found some cool new people. We had family night with familia nasciment joao, and that was probably the highlight of the week, it was their second time doing it and elder smith and i did nothing.. which is how it should be. The oldest son conducted, the hymns were beautiful and the oldest daughter gave the spiritual thought.. it was truly a thing of beauty and we are seeing a miracle happen right before our eyes. 

Other then that nothing really happened, we found a new young man named Fabio and our first lesson was awesome, we found him early in the week just hammered drunk and sitting down.. (this is when you get them... when they cant think straight so they straight way give you their number) hahaha nah but it was pretty good, we called him and made an appointment and taught him. The spirit was super strong in our lesson and he was understanding everything, said he would pray and did a wonderful job.. all around a pretty cool contacted and lesson.

Also and investigator who we have marked for baptism soon was sick all last week so we had to slowly work with him, but this week he was healthy and the usual sergio, he was smiling, came to church Sunday and had a great time.. hes gonna be baptized later this month so we are excited for him, a young guy that has had some troubles in his life.. so the gospel is really working out for him which is pretty cool.

Sounds like Joseph just created a secret society hahahahaha na that's pretty cool though good for him.. hell have to send me a medal soon.. itd love to have one!
Yeah we are planning on calling around 16 here which is around 8 oclock over in your neck of the woods, sorry for the late notice we weren't to sure what we were doing as a mission but now we do!

see you soon

Elder Webber

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