Monday, May 23, 2016

This week was pretty cool, the shoulder hasnt been bothering me to much so that was a blessing. If you could have Mariah talk to Colby the Timpanogos trainer as well (if hes still there) that would be sweet. I think that would be very wise to have it looked at very closly when i come home.. it is a dang pain to always be worring about it. But all is well, its a good thing i dont need my shoulder to do mission work. We had our last family night with the Nascimento Joao family this week. We are letting them do their own family night from now. THis last family night was beautiful, they could sing the hymns all on thier own, the father gave an great lessons about the importance of scriptures. He told about how much the book of mormon has changes his thinking and his life, and hows he so grateful for the things that he has learned from it. Yet he still says that he has not yet recieved an answer that the book is true.... NOOOOOO how?? the book is changing your life and you have the answer right in front you, but he and his wife still want a stronger spiritual confermation that the book is true.. I guess thats not bad becasue itll come... just needs to be soon because with the branch splitting the church is in desperate need of this great family!

Other then that we just do the usual work, dropping lazy investigators and finding new ones. Here in angola because the church is so new the mission is focusing on married self sufficient families to build the church grow. We have become more like ring hunters.. while walking or contacting if we see someone with a ring every missionary wants to talk to that person and meet with them. Its the goal of our companionship to stop and talk to very person we see who has a ring.. Its pretty hard because here in angola the marriage process is hard but as we search and diligently work we are blessed, so thats pretty cool.Also we are teaching a 10 yr old kid, Victorino he lived in South africa with his uncles, but his mom lives here, he speaks portuguese but can only read english so its very complicated on teaching him, he reminds me a lot of joseph, he loves to play but would not read the BOM so we told him in order to play he has to read 2 verses before, and hes been doing really well, we are super proud of him. Hes a fun little guy.

Also for i package i would ask for the most american like tie and shirt you can find, i want to give it to ELder DLamini to help him appreciate my home a little bit more. Elder Dlamini has become one of my best friends and will stay a life long friend, i love that crazy swaziland warrior dearly, and i would love to give him a little USA memory of me. So in the package, US tie, Us shirt, peanut butter and Nutella, and whatever else you think would be cool. Im not picky ill take whatever i get and ill love it. 

Elder Webber

Dlamini taking a selfie

and a sea shell road

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