Monday, June 6, 2016

Going Fine...

The work is going just fine.. we had a lot of fun this week because we found a younger guy called Ribeiro Carlos.. He speaks english but only like a rapper.. a lot of people speak like that, because of the music. They learn how to speak english by listening to rapper and american music.. not the best example to follow but it works. We had a fun couple of lessons with him, hes about 27 so it was fun talking with him in his broken english and having him help us with out Portuguese accents (its turned into one of my goals to be able to sound like someone from portugual) Other then that hes very curious, he has been taught by a lot of missionaries from other churchs but never joined them because he never felt they were true.We met with him for out first lesson and he just asked question after question wanting to learn more and see what our church is like, our first lessons went for a long time. Our second lesson was the same thing, this time about the BOM, and in this second lesson we commited him to be baptized, and he accepted with a date. He says that we teach like no other kind of missionaries that have taught him before, that the things we teach him make sense, and they are simple and clear. We told him it was the spirit helping him understand and see that these things are true.. so we are excited to meet with him this week and see how he will progress.

Also this week we found something very interesting, we knew that the word of wisdom was at first a suggestion for the saints to follow and was not yet a commandment, we then found out that family was first a suggestion but is now a commandment as well. SO with those 2 little facts in our heads we began to ponder and study about why the lord sometimes first gives us suggestions to follow, then a little bit later turns them into commandments. We also looked at today to see what kind of "suggestions" the lord is giving us that could possibly turn into commandments, we thought of a couple... but i think the reason why he does that is not help us prepare to live a higher law.. he doesnt give us a straight commandments becasue many people would fail.. but he gives us a suggestion to help prepare, then makes it a commandment to make sure taht we do it... so in other words.. all you young women better be prepared.. because right now its just a suggestion to go on a mission.. but soon i would not be surprised if it turned to a commandment! hahahah 

Also i love the children here! they are a first very scared of us.. call us chinesses and run from fear before you.. but as you show them you are normal and fun they love you! always wanting to play and highfive you... yesturday while waiting for a recent convert i started dancing with about 12 little kids, they loved it!! they were laughing and running around just thinking it was the funniest thing ever.. then for the rest of the night i had 12 little shadows following me around dancing and singing.. if you ever want to fell special come dance with the children here and they will instantly love you

ELder Webber

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