Monday, June 27, 2016

They've got a "Sign"

Good points about humility, i read a talk this week from this last general conference about humility... twas very good, also many times with my companions we have studied the importance of humility and what true humility is.. Humility is not a denial of gifts or of your talents but in recognizing from where they come from.. We can use our gifts and be happy with our talents.. but any praise we receive should be turned straightly to our savior and to our heavenly father who were the ones that gave us these gifts and talents.. My companion and i have been extremely blessed by the lord in this area.. coming in all we heard that we would be doing was hours of contacts a day with hardly anyone at church (a lot like joshes situation) but we are teaching many amazing families and many great single people who are coming to church constantly.. We have been extremely blessed while walking to run into people truly interested about our message, and families who realize the blessing of the gospel.. Many times during lessons we receive little prompting to say something or teach something and that little point helps our investigators greatly. We can truly see that the lord is walking with us step by step and guiding us with his hand.. we are only humble conduits in which the lord can use to teach his own children the gospel.. and what a great pleasure we have to be those conduits for the lord! 

Our investigators are doing great.. We had a great family night with the Nascimento Joao family, such a fun family.. plus Vanusa makes the best shrimp in the whole world.. i could stay there all week long and eat her shrimp.. Yolene and Wilma are doing great.. staying strong and reading the BOM, the young men in our branch all have their eyes on these two sisters, we noticed.. had to tell them all to calm down and the girls asked us to only bring Mitchell to come help teach.. they only want him.. what an interesting lesson.. the one that works hard, walks with the missionaries, shows up 45 min early to prepare the sacrament and is honestly quite shy is the ONLY one that the sister want to help teach.. shows the importance of doing whats right and not just being "cool". Celson and Lurdes are doing great.. turns out their marriage isn't legal so thats a little problem but nothing that the lord cant help fix.. 

We had a great week this week, a lot of fun. We are looking forward to this next week though... we get to drive to the airport to say good bye to President and sister, and meet the new president the same, then on friday we have another mission conference for the new mission president.. We are very very sad to see president and sister leave, i have had the chance to work very close to them these last couple months and what a great learning experience it was, i have to to love them and lot and will be very sad to see them leave.. but we are excited for the new one and see how he will lead us and the church here in angola... even if the accent is a bit weird

Elder Webber


and our new office sign.. the mission has waited 3 years for it to come and its finally came just in time for president and sister to leave! 

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