Monday, June 13, 2016

Driving in Angola

Its always fun to have a great first lesson with an investigator.. who understands everything and is super excited to go to church the next day.. even accepts to be baptized on a specific date.. then when you come back to teach him the second lesson you find out that he is currently in jail for breaking the law... so with that we were very very sad.. We found him this last week.. and looks like we wont see him for a long time.. with that sad note we also had a great week because Victorino was baptized! It was awesome.. his neighbor Mitchell baptized him (it was his first time, he was super nervous) and it was awesome!! he said the prayer perfectly but first time Victorino didnt go all the way under... but the second time he did it perfectly! we were so proud of both of them.. VIctorino after bore his short testimony by just saying "when i was baptized, i felt something leave my body" hahaha hes such a cool little kid.

Also this week i have been over whelmed with stress... because i started driving on these angolan roads.. let me set the scene for you.. you are currently driving but need to make a U-turn because the only way to turn around here is by U-turns in the road.. they dont have stop lights here.. While you are down shifting you are also turning into this U-turn.. on your right is a huge 18-Wheeler who also wants to make this U-turn.. but then 2 or 3 motos come up in between you and said 18-wheeler... on the left there are people climbing over and through the road divider to cross the road.. in front is a turck full of people sitting in the bed of the truck.. and to but the cherry on top president is in the back of the car watching how you are doing... No pressure.. but apperently i did alright because now im driving around.. Only the APs and us have cars so it is a very very rare that missionaries here get to drive in cars.. but its a great privilege and opportunity to help the mission and its been a lot of fun! 

We have also found and have been teaching a new family.. Celson and Lurdes.. they are a super cool family.. ones a JW.. the other a Catholic but they arent active at all.. both have been searching to the true church of Christ and found something close to it so they stayed with them... until we showed up!! ahh yes here we come with the truth.. first lesson was a ton of fun, they have a lot of questions but also love to learn the truth.. THey say they feel something different when we are in thier house and that when we teach it all makes sense.. well of course sillies tahts the spirit talking to you! We are very excited to visit with them this week because we know that this family will do great things. Esspecially with the division of the branch we dont have a whole lot priesthood holders.. so this family and the nascimento family will really help out the church.. we have also been going to all the RCs and been giving them a pretty brutal awakening of what they are doing and what they should be doing.. its all slowly coming together and we are seeing great success here in apparently the area where you only do contacts all day every day.. dedicate yourselves and you will see miracles! 

May the Magic guide you,

Elder Webber

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