Monday, June 20, 2016

A "Professional Driver" now..

Id like to say that i am a professional driver now.. if i can live on the streets of angola i can live anywhere! Its been fun driving, certainly saves us a lot of time and a lot of money not having to take taxis. Thats sad to hear about the young men, it reminds me of a scripture in Isaiah that says that "real" men in the latter days will be worth more then their weight in gold.. and its so true, the world is quickly (no longer slowly) turning what a man should be into old fashioned and "lame". Satan is very clever isn't he, but its interesting to see how a mission changes things, Before the mission yeah i didn't have all my priorities where they should´ve been, but looking back now i see how foolish i was and how i wish i could go back and change it. These young men better learn quick or else they will look back on their lives and say to themselves "i was such a fool, chasing after things that had 0 actual importance" Give them a quick slap if necessary because its not worth it to be cool for a couple of months to later look back and wish you had done better.

But this week as super fun, we had a mission conference the last one with President and Sister Merrill, and boy was it solid. I took away that we have to live what we are teaching, you cant expect to teach someone about obeidence if you youself are not obedient, you cant teach with the spirit if you are not worthy to have the spirit with you. It was good little reminder of our purpose as missionaries and what we are called to do. The mission will dearly miss President and Sister and i will certainly miss them. They have taught with love and been great for the church here in Angola. But with that said we are excited to see the new mission brazilian president.

We are doing well with Celson and his wife and the Nascimento family, they are both progressing really well and they are stronger them a lot of members that i know back in utah. We are also teaching a woman and her 2 daughters Wilma and Yolene, and they are AWESOME! we went to visit them one time and when we asked how the book of mormon reading was they said "yeah these last couple of days have been super busy, so we only got to read 21 pages... but we shared the book of mormon with one of our friends at school and he said he wants to learn more" holy moly it was super cool, the lord has blessed us with great investigators who go out and look for the truth themselves, we are only here to answer a couple questions here and there. I love this area, i love our new branch presidency as well, we guested the president and 1 counselor but the 2nd counselor was a bit of a shock.. its Joaquim Puto!! a super cool recent convert of 6 months, hes 21 years old and is married with a little 2 year old kid, he hasn't yet graduated from "high school" and hes working as well to provide for his family, yet hes doing such a great job in his new calling... if you ever think you don't have time for your calling in the church you should reorganize and reprioritize....

Thats all, its been a fun week, its the start of a new transfer and im staying here. Im excited for 6 more weeks.

The Magic Man always find a way..

Elder Webber

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