Monday, July 4, 2016

A New President..

President Silva and Sister Silva are super awesome, they are a lot different then what all the missionaries thought they would be. President Silva is a really cool guy, loves to laugh, really loving, sister silva is more quite but shes still really cool. Itll still take some time for the hole that the merrills left to heal over but we are very very excited to start working with president and sister silva. We had our mission conference with them this last friday and that was very cool, following the mission conference president silva interviewed each missionary to start early on getting to know the missionaries which was very cool. Saying good bye to the merrills at the airport was a tough one.. but its a good thing they only live in Arizona.. maybe while im there playing rugby or going back to visit the ward i served in for a month i can quickly stop by and say hello.

I love this area, i love this branch, i love the members, and i mostly love the awesome investigators we are teaching now.. Yolene and Wilma had their baptismal interveiw and did amazing they will be baptized this coming friday.. it still breaks my heart that paula their mother cant get baptized with them.. but she is showing great faith in continually going to church, reading, and supporting her daughters. The Nascimento Joao family has their baptismal interview this week, and they are super excited. They said after their baptism they will have all the missionaries who have ever entered their house over to eat some of Vanusas world famous shrimp!! Celson and Lurdes are doing great.. they came to church as a family and slowly the children are getting more of an interest. Ribeiro Carlos came to church for the first time this week after being out in the provencies for three weeks and he loved it.. We also met a new younger fella called Lorenzo who is really good friends with a less active member that we are teaching, so they are going to help one another go to church and read and stay active so thats very cool. We have been incredibly blessed to have so much success here in Benfica.. we are having a lot of fun and can really see the lords hand in all of our lessons and as we walk.. Its been a great blessing. 

Yes mother i got your package with the flip flops and tie almost 2 weeks ago.. THANK YOU!!!! it was getting real old walking in broken flip flops... but i have not yet gotten the other package.. so ill wait patiently..  As for advice i would tell them to take some time to sit down and really look at whats most important for them in their lives.. not now but for all live and eternity.. once they make that list make another list of things that they are willing to do to change their lives to improve those parts of higher importance. As the missionary you have a lot of regrets and spend a lot of time thinking about things you should have and it distracts from the work.. not only that but the mission you really have to learn whats more important.. obedience or disobedience.. staying up extra 5 mins to talk to your friend.. or going to sleep at 1030 so you have energy to work the next day. It really comes in handy to step back and look at whats most important and make the changes so you improve in those spots.. that and just generally growing your testimony, not only reading but pondering about what you have read.. start replacing your thoughts with thoughts about your savior and his work.. when you do that you have the spirit and you can be a better missionary. 

Make your priorities.. Start thinking continually about the savior... these two things will help BIG time as a missionary.

The Magic Man is always watching

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