Monday, July 25, 2016

Baptism(s) And Family night

Valdemiro and Vanusa Joao were baptized! what a great experience it was, and for the first time ever i can actually say that this baptism happened without any serious problems.. ohh what a great blessing, it was all happiness and joy with very little stress. It was such a great baptism as well, you could truly feel that they had changed so much and were ready to make their first covenant with god. Its been a great blessing to be apart of this journey with them and to help them follow the true path. We had a huge lunch with them yesterday and also had family night, and once again they invited 2 families to join in and talked about the gospel and how much it has blessed them, it was really interesting to sit and listen to them share their newly found testimonies with their friends. Its been a great blessing helping this family, and they will be a great blessing for this branch.

Also my testimony about family night has grown more then anything else. Wow... this once a week activity has brought more families into the gospel then any thing else. Because of this one activity once a week ive seen families turn 180 degrees.With Celson and Lurdes we started doing family night a few weeks ago, the first time we did it their second oldest son (antonio) join and wanted to participate, not only that but also wanted to learn about the church. Then last week we had family night the oldest son (Eddy) joined in and once again wanted to learn more and study with the rest of the family. Then Eddys friend heard about all this and wants to learn more about the church as well, and wants to start doing family night with his family. If its with Celson and lurdes family, Valdemiro and Vanusas family, or any other family, i have seen their homes filled with the spirit, love, and peace because of this little activity they do once a week. It is truly ordained of god, the family is ordained of god and family night is i believe one of the best ways to strengthen the family. Its a miracle worker. 

Also this week we had a service project.. which is actually really weird here.. we are always looking for chances to serve but everyone here never accepts. They think its a little taboo for the elders to serve and to do manual labor. Finally Celson accepted and it was so much fun, to work and do some physical labor for a little bit.. boy how i have missed it.. digging dirt, making concrete, building stuff. I havent realized how long its been since ive done anything like that. It was so nice and hopfully more of the members will see we can actually do physical labor service for them, cause i need to do more of it badly!! 

Other then that not much happened this week, i love our investigators, members, and people here in this area. We are having a ton of fun and putting in some serious work here in Benfica. I'm started to find a lot of joy in things that i use to hate at the beginning of my mission and before my mission and im starting to have more of a fire to do the work like i had at the beginning of my mission. The branch just split a few weeks ago and already the chapel is full, the members love helping the missionaries in the work and when they do we truly see miracles happen. I love this branch

Mother i recieved your package this last week with the nutella and PB... thank you very much!! it was a little beaten up but it still tasted amazing... its already about half way gone..  

Let the Magic do the work

Elder Webber

Service with Celson and having cake after with his family

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