Monday, July 18, 2016

Another Day Another Dollar...

Another day another dollar.. Not much happened here in Benfica.. we are teaching the same people, and having a ton of fun with the less actives and families we are teaching. Celson and Lurdes have decided to stop selling alcohol in their canteena, so they are making huge steps with their faith and will be a great blessing to this branch here in Benfica. Valdmiro and Vanusa are getting ready for their baptism this next week, we passed by their house to watch the restoration and Valdmiro said that the whole time he was watching the movie he was thinking about his baptism and how excited he is. This family is awesome... when we first got here to now the difference is amazing! Almost everytime we come over they have a referall for us or they have a family member they want us to teach.. They are excited for their baptism and we are as well.. Its been a long fun journey and the lord has been ever present in their lives showing them the way and now its the time for them to take the next step. This saturday is the day!!

Other then that nothing much happened this week, we are teaching a ton of super cool less actives and recent converts.. One is Taric, he use to never open his door to let us in and was never home.. until about a month and a half ago when he got into a serious motorcycle accident, he nailed his head on the ground and was knocked out.. while unconscious the by standers came up and robbed him.. watch, backpack, phone, wallet, when he woke up it was all gone.. So after the horrible experience we were led by the spirit the day after the accident happened to teach him, we got in and we asked him that if he died would be ready to met with god.. he said the answer was no... so we have passed by his house twice a week to help him come back to church, change his life and repent.. and the change we have seen in him has been amazing! Hes happier, hes coming to church every week, hes treating people better.. Its been pretty cool to see, and this last week we've decided to walk with him (since he doesnt go to school or work we thought it would be better to take him to our lessons) and he has grown a lot in his desire to serve a mission, he turns 22 this next month and has already started the process in speaking with the branch president and priesthood leaders to start the process. Taric is a cool guy

We've been extremely blessed in this area to be working along side the lord, we can see him work miralces in the lifes of our investigators and in the lives of the members. We have seen many people take a 180 degree turn completely changing their live around for the better. The lord truly has many people here in this branch that were chosen to do great things and he is using us as tools to change the lives of these people so they can do what the lord has wanted them to do... Its pretty cool to see and awesome to be apart of.. Other then the fact of the pregnant dogs that almost ate my companion.. sworm of children wanting magic, the pigeon stuck in our house, the JWs knocking on our house, and the crazy crazy drivers here in Angola, along with everyone thinking that we are chinesse twins... its all apart of the fun and keeps the mission interesting.. Haha

Elder Webber

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