Monday, July 11, 2016

TWO Baptisms...

We had a fun little experience this week at the baptism of Yolene and Wilma. We got up in the morning, everything was planned and ready to happen, the branch presidency was going to be there and all was ready.. until Elder Smith said  "I think this baptism might go without any problems" and boy did he jynx us.. We arrive at the chapel with no problems... walk around back to the baptismal font and what do we see but 2 other missionaries standing over and empty font... They said that the other branch ward mission leader came yesterday and filled it up.. but this morning wayyyy early another member came and saw the font filled and thought to himself "why is it full?" so he undrained it... lucky angolan time was a blessing because the meeting didn't start until and hour and a half later so we at least had a enough water to baptize. Also while we were there trying to figure fill it up we get a call from Wilma saying that her uncle is sick and wont be able to make it, and out back up baptizer hadn't shown up (i've learned here we always need a back up.. and now even a back up for our back up) so with that my comp and i had to run around the chapel looking for a spare change of white clothes, we didn't bring anything thinking all was good.. we found 2 pairs of pants, mine fit well but my comps.. not so much... so we changed our pants, we didn't find a shirt so we used the one we were wearing and baptized Yolene and Wilma... It was all pretty stressful as we tried to figure out what to do.. but as always everything turned out alright and they were baptized.. what a miracle.. they are the 2 strongest girls i've ever seen.. the same day of their confirmation they were call to the laurel and mia maid presidency.. pretty cool!

other then that we are having a ton of fun teaching the Nascimento Joao family and Celsons family.. The Nascimento Joao family got interviewed and passed so they will be baptized the 23rd of this month!! what a great blessing!! and Celson is slowly getting his documents for their marriage is actually going really well, the branch has decided to come in and help them with the search and the process which has been a great blessing! We are also doing a lot of work with less actives which is going well, we had 4 less active members come to church this last week, all priesthood holding men.. so it was a great blessing for this newly split branch..

All is well and quite here in Benfica... just the usual work going on.. nothing special.. some fun things happen during the week just to keep the mission fun and its all good.

Elder Webber

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