Monday, August 1, 2016


Stress overload, sickness, constant headache, and painful legs are the things that i would use to describe this week. To start it off Elder Dlamini made lunch for us, he was in a hurry so we don't think he cook it the way it should have been because my comp and i all this last week have had the feeling of our insides exploding.. not fun. It appeared to be a parting gift for my comp and i because this week he got transferred.. (NOOOOOOO not my swaziland warrior/witch doctor!!) along with his companion Elder Paulino.. so you know what that means.. yup yo guessed it, elder webber is once again white-washing an area.. i have only served in 3 areas, but i have white washed or opened 5...... it doesn't make sense to me either. I am however very grateful for the opportunity and for the trust that president and the savior have in us. We were surely put through the ringer as we more than doubled our area and our work loaded. It´ll be fun, because know we have the whole branch to ourselves, and in my humble opinion i think that the Benfica branch is the best one.. so i am very excited to visit all the members, and investigators now. 

This week president fernandez past away during a church meeting on saturday (he was my first branch president here in angola and the father of my current branch president) The church is still very small here in angola so when something like this happens every single member knows. It was great to see so many church members, support and love this family that has done so much to help the lords work move along here in angola. the african culture here is not something that loves or welcomes death, yet seeing the differences between the church members who have a knowledge and testimony of the plan of salvation and those that do not have that testimony was quite amazing. You see much whailing and weeping, yet with the members they had peace, they had comfort, they had the knowledge the everything was alright. our father in heaven has a plan, its perfect, i teach it and testify of it daily. His family was sealed to him and what a great comfort it is to know that they will once again be back together for all time and eternity. It was sad to this news, but like any situation we can look at the positive, see it as one more step closer to our father in heaven and living with our families forever.

This week i walked a lot, which means my legs are about to exlpode, but it also means that i had the chance to think a lot. We are having fun in this massive area we currently have, dont have to many experiences to share this week, just doing the usual work here in benfica. Nothing to special. Other then celson is doing really well with his wife, they are close to getting married so we are very very excited for them. their sons are also doing really well, setting a great example for thier friends which is bring more people to learn more, so its all good in the hood! Im grateful to be a missionary, to look back at my life and see who i was to who i am know. Im so grateful to change that i have experince as i serve the savior here in angola, 

Elder Webber

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