Monday, August 22, 2016

1 Nephi 4:6...

This was super cool, especially Saturday we had a very cool experience. We set out of our house with almost all of our lessons fallen, so we decided to make an effort on visiting members less active and regular members to get some referrals for people to teach. After what i would call a mediocre attempt at trying to get some referrals we finally decided to go and bate some doors. Which i have grown to hate more then anything else... we walked aimlessly around for about 5 minuets until we finally decided to chose a door and knock on it. We walked a little more and reached a fork in the road.. both of us without saying a word stopped.... stood silently then walked to the left.. we then walked a little more and took the first road on the left with out saying a word to each other... and we then walked up to the first door on the left... (choose the left my friends) Turns out the door we arrived to we had already knocked once but no one was there the last time to we decided to once again knock it. We knocked it and heard someone coming so we waited... and waited.. until finally someone came to open the door and without us saying a word they instantly let us in.... it was all very strange... as soon as we entered we could feel the spirit give us a quick slap and say why are you surprised.. this is not your work this is his work... do it his way and you will find those prepared to receive you. we sat with a family legally married, Milton and Elizabeth..   The lesson was powerful and the spirit present as we bore testimony and taught about joseph smith.. when we ended we invited Milton to pray and ask god if what we taught them was true.. and it was the most powerful prayer i have ever heard on my mission.. his desire to know the truth and to follow it was amazing.. We are very excited to sit with this family agian as we both had the confirmation that this family had been prepared for this message.. We hope all goes well with them.

I thought a lot this week as well about obedience, love, and christlike attributes.. i dont have much time to write what i have learned and i also dont want to because im going to save them for a raining day when i have to give a talk i want my material to be fresh and new.. so i wont share it all. but i started last week reading the gospels in the NT with a list of the christlike attributes that are found in PMG and a couple of colored pencils. each color represents an attribute of christ.. and as i have read the life of the savior focusing on his attributes and how he acted and taught my knowledge has grown amazingly on how i can become more like him, many attributes are connected and when we grow in one we grow in another.. also the more we grown in them all the more we see the need to improve and how much we truly lack. It has really been an enlightening experience to focus on the savior life and his will and trying to mold my life so that i am able to reflect his will. Its been very cool.

All is well here in Benfica.. all our investigators are doing great and progressing nicely.. we´ve reached a point where we are going to baptize all our investigators but dont have anyone to fill their spots.. so in other words we will be doing a lot of contacts these next few days. Just doing the usual work and having a lot of fun with the investigators, members and people here in angola. Its been a great time serving here in this area and im excited that i have at least 2 more months here before i leave this area. Sounds like home is fun.. back to school, back to school, to prove that you are not a fool.... have fun with that...

Elder Webber

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