Monday, August 15, 2016

A Baptsm

This week was fun, because a big highlight of the week was the Valdemiro baptized his son Luzolo. It was really good, and was very cool to see a new member of the church use the priesthood to bless his family for the first time. Plus Vanusa received a calling this week at church, 2nd councilor in the YW... if this calling isnt perfect for her i dont know which calling is. They are doing really well. CĂ©lson and Lurdes got one of the big documents that they need to get married, so thats one big step closer to them getting married. They are also doing really well and the sons antonio and eddy are growing in their desire to read the BOM and to come to church so its been a ton of fun seeing the whole family come to church. Darciela said she knows the book of mormon is true and is progressing very nicely with the help of some members in the branch who are taking her under their wings and befriending her. Helga and Paulo came to our branch for the first time since they moved here and said that they loved, everything is going very well for them to get married on the 2nd and to be baptized on the 10th so we are very excited for them as well. Once again this week, Family night comes in for the win.. its very interesting how something so small as a 5 minute spiritual thought and a 45 minute game can bring the spirit so strong to help reactivate members and have investigators grow in their testimonies. While on my mission it has become one of my tools to use and one of my favorite nights of the week, mainly because i actually get to dance and have fun without being judged by children and people on the street.. but also to see the changes that take place in a family. 

We also walked with our branch president. President Nataneil.... in other words he drove us in his car... ohhhhhhhhh its so nice to get rides from members to lessons and not walk in this loose sand that makes me feel like im 20 pounds heavier... or maybe its because im 20 pounds heavier then i was before the mission... i dunno either way its nice to get a ride from members. He left a great example for how a leader in the church should be though.. he is always looking after the one that has gone astray, and is always looking to increase peoples testimonies by helping them personally and loving them for who they are. Which is also somethings i learned on my mission.. ive learned to love these people as the lord sees them, it really changed my perspective on my teachings and the way that i work and serve others around me. It use to be hard to head out the door because i felt obligated to go, but now im happy to leave because i know that the gospel will bless these children of god who need it. I have grown in my love for these people, also this week we saw 2 elders who came back to visit/ do buisness here in angola. I got to talk with them a little, and after i did i thought the whole time.. yes i would love to come back and visit this place.. yes its hot, yes its stinky and no one follows the laws or rules here.. but these people are awesome and i love them! and thats all that matters

Well done zach on the rugby torny.. im excited to come back and play with him and BYU and this 7s team.. if im good enough.. but i know with the blessings i recieve from my father in heaven i can do it. Sounds like some good stuff back at home... and jared.... get married you bum.. stop waiting "scrawny". Magic Man out

Elder Webber

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