Monday, August 8, 2016


Not gonna lie... i hated sundays on the mission. Coming home after 3 hours of not understanding a single word of what was going on... looking through the shelfs trying to find a can of beans or some rice to eat for lunch cause you ate it all during the week, heading out the door and seeing that all your plans had fallen through and doing hours upon hours of contacting and having doors closed in your face... yeah i was not a fan at all of sundays.. but in this area sundays have come to be my favorite days of the week.. (more than p-day). We take a nice little walk over to the church, where we see such amazing members welcoming our investigators into church. There's bonding and happiness all around, the presidency is awesome, the members share strong and power testimonies and help investigators grow theirs. We have members wanting to fed us every sunday, and always have someone to visit. This last Sunday was especially awesome, Taric the less active has made some hard decisions in his life to do what is right and shared a strong testimony about that, Also Joel a potential missionary we have been working with shared a great testimony about that, and even Celson our investigator got up and shared a really strong testimony about the church and the book of mormon, plus elder smith and i team taught like champions in the gospel principles class... second week in a row even! I love this branch and the members, being the only 2 missionaries in the branch has helped out a lot, the lord has been blessing us greatly with members willing to help, the spirit in our lessons, and investigators taking the initiative.  We have been asked several times by our investigators what they have to do to be baptized... what a great blessing it see to be a humble tool in the hands of the lord in doing his work and seeing the lives of so many change. I am so grateful for all he has blessed me with, he was done such a great work with this branch and I'm happy to see it and be apart of it. 

Celson and lurdes are doing really well, they are doing as much as they can to get married and have the money to be married. They have a lot of trails and difficulties but their testimonies of the gospel and the blessings from our father in heaven keep them going and doing whats right. Along with their sons. We have another family joao and carla, they are recently married and are searching for something more then the worlding things, they don't go to a specific church and are looking for the truth... well well well just so happens we have the truth and the lord has blessed us with his spirit and the chance to teach you! They are doing well in other words. Another family we are teaching is Paulo and Elga.. they have been investigating the church for over 3 years now and are finally about to be married on the 2 of September. They recently moved into our area from another branch, they shared their story and testimonies with us yesterday and have already been preparing to go to the temple to be sealed. We are also teaching Darciela, she's the sister of Elga and she as well is doing really well. Luzolo Valdemiro and Vanusas son will be baptized this coming saturday and Valemiro is very excited to baptize his son. We have a whole lot of work to do in this area and not a whole lot of time... 

I have come to the point now to when i close my eyes for an opening or closing prayer in our lessons i quickly sneak in a little nap. There has been many times where during a lesson i start nodding off and i have to muster all the strength that i have to stay awake.. its a daily problem.. but its a good sign. I love this area so much, the recent converts, members, investigators, all of them are amazing. Its a good thing i am guaranteed to stay here at least one more transfer.. to be honest.. i would not mind staying here for the rest of my mission. Hello welcome to Benfica, where the street dogs are my biggest concern, and the road rules don't matter... 

I miss the olympics, we get to hear a little here and there about it but not a whole lot.. angola doesn't have a lot to compete for so the people here aren't too interested in following it. But i would love to have a couple updates on how the rugby 7s is in the olympics, 

Thank you, the magic will live on,

Elder Webber

Good bye to the worlds greatest senior couple ever!! we will miss the henrys dearly... We love you!!

Chillin on the street with the bois.. 

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