Tuesday, September 1, 2015

And an add-on....

Some more info on the mission cause I feel bad I don't write that long
of emails, but this whole week I've just been super down and super sad
cause I'm not going to Angola, but it's all good I know there's a
reason why I'm down here and I know God has a plan for me, We study
for four hours a day because I have language study and 12 week
training, so my trainer is super antsy and wants to get out and do
work while we do it and I'm the same way so that's great, he's really
cool and super helpful. We have the university of Arizona in our area
but he said we never go there because it's straight up Babylon and
just full of sinful college students who just make fun of you and are
super inappropriate and not the place for missionaries haha, he have 3
lessons night and I'm really excited for that and to have my first
real lesson. Being a visa waiter is hard because I can't drive, I have
to use my companions money cause mine hasn't come yet, my plaque is
different, and quite honestly I feel like I don't belong at all down
here in Tuscon even though my companion is sweet and cares for me I
still get the feeling that I don't belong and shouldn't be here at
all, so to be honest I can't wait to go to Angola and belong there..
Mission president has been really accepting of elder Mitchell and I
but our first interview with him was super short so it was really
weird.. Angola can't come soon enough but while I'm here I'm for sure
gonna work as hard as I can to change as many lives as possible and
come what may I'm gonna do my best until my time comes to go to
Angola. Love you and I miss you very much, talk to you Monday when i

have a week in the field under my belt!

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