Monday, September 7, 2015

Having "Fun" in Tucson...

This week has been pretty nuts, been super busy and i came into a area
that has a ton of investigators which is sweet! We are teaching a 13
year old girl named CJ, her dad was inactive but recently started to
go back to church to give her the best life he can which is really
cool of him, they life in a trailer park and after one of our lessons
we come out and see 3 cop cars getting one of their neighbors, elder
Huntington and I were shocked and CJ and her dad just sat there and
said it happens all the time! What in the world!! Another investigator
is Melissa she's "married" to a "active" member of the church, and
cool story with her is almost every time we go over to her apartment
she's sleeping because she has major depression and says she can hear
voices sometimes, so we usually never teach her, so that happened
again last night and her boyfriend told us to give him our number so
she'll call us to make an appointment.. So we left and elder
Huntington was super mad about it because she is a great investigator
and our lessons are great with her.. But we start driving away and I
just said something without even thinking "we could go back and say we
think we left the wrong number" and elder Huntington was down so we
turn around and start heading back and we start talking about a
scripture we could share real quick.. We get back up to the door and
knock and joe answers the door and we say we think we left the wrong
number and lo and behold Melissa is awake and ready for a lesson! We
read the scriptures with her and got her to commit to baptism on the
26th!!! Which is sad because I probably won't be here for it.. Pretty
sweet first week though, here on the mission it's crazy to see the
lord work small miracles in every aspect of your live..

Also like my third day here we were at the church building and I run
into a black lady wearing a Africa shirt so I talk to her and her
friend comes up and we started talking and her name is Lorena she's a
member but it turns out she's from Mozambique and speaks Portuguese!
What are the chances! So we made an appointment to come visit and
teach her so elder Mitchell and I went and did that and it was
awesome, she told us all about it and gave us some tips in Portuguese
and all that.. Pretty sweet tender mercy!

The people down here are the greatest, many of the people we are
teaching have nothing, there's a family we are teaching that has 7
people living in a 2 bedroom apartment and only have 3 beds and a TV,
no couches chairs or anything, yet they still fed us one of the times
we were there.. They have nothing yet have the most to give.. So this
week I've been thinking a lot about charity, because these people who
have nothing have the most and are so willing to help and care for
others it's pretty cool, charity is the most selfless act with the
most selfish reward.. I'll just let that sink in for a little bit..

That's sweet to hear about home and the camping trip, those were
always the coolest! Yeah I heard all about the game in priesthood,
bummer about Taysom but I knew tanner was gonna kill it. Sacrament
meeting was super weird too, a "member" got up and bore his testimony
on his business plan about brining all the churches together for a
music festival and asked the ward for money to help him out... Hahaha
what a great first week here in Tucson, it's actually really cool and
I've loved it so far

If you wanna send anything the address to send stuff too is,
939 w chapala dr
85704 Tucson Arizona

Love you, miss you

Elder webber

Our sweet district killin it in a sketchy over pass while going on a
p-day bike ride, (the second sister may see, familiar to josh.. It's
sister ponanski.. His mission presidents niece.. Pretty cool!)

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