Tuesday, September 1, 2015

In Tucson...

So Tucson is about as hot as hades... It's was pretty crazy coming off
the plane and feeling that heat hit your face, but the first thing we
did here was as soon as we landed they took us down town and told us
we had to place our first BOM and boy are people rude down here. But
it's pretty cool, we get iPads so I am currently at a pep boys waiting
for our car to be fixed and doing emails... Seems like I'm at home,
our first night was cool, presidents name is Pessey and he's an
awesome guy, super cool super funny.. We didn't stay at the mission
home first night elder Mitchell and I went to a super ghetto apartment
in some sketch neighborhood and we didn't even have a pillow to sleep
with hahaha starting off strong.. My trainer is elder Huntington he's
a really cool guy, he's from Utah and super chill and can tell we are
gonna work hard for the little bit I'm here.. 
Yesterday president told
us that we were going to LA to visit the consulate Wednesday so we
were way pumped to go cause after we go there its 5-10 days then we
are off to Angola! But today he told us one of us weren't ready to go
so they rescheduled it until we could both go and that's in like a
week.. So at least we have a time window for how long we are here,
won't be to long but that just means we have to do 2 years of work in
3 weeks and I can't wait to actually get started, we have a couple
appointments today so that's gonna be sweet to get started! 
Apparently Tucson is actually pretty ghetto so it's a nice little warm up before
Angola which is really nice, so yeah got a lot of hard work before I
leave and gotta get 6 weeks of training in less time.. Which will
actually be really fun so I'm excited! P-days will be on Mondays from
now on.. Short email this week cause that's all the happened just a
ton of meetings and sitting around waiting to actually get started.
Love you it was cool talking to you at the airport, talk to you guys

Elder webber

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