Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Visited the Consulate...


Sorry the email is a bit late, I was at LAX waiting for my plane back to Tuscon with elder Mitchell, We finally went to the consulate! We had to wake up at 4 this morning to get our flight and were there in the airport in LA for 5 hours.. It was really weird, we showed up sat in a room for half an hour, gave them our paper work and had our finger prints scanned.. It was actually pretty short. It was in Beverly Hills so we had to pay for a cab and on the cab ride there we talked to our driver about the church and he actually is really interested in the church, so your welcome LA missionaries there's a great referral for you guys! Haha but yeah now that we went to the consulate it's now 5-10 days before I'm going to Angola 

This week has just been a lot more work, we are still teaching CJ and we have a baptismal date with her for this Saturday and its for sure going to happen which is legit! But its scary because I might not be here which is super sad cause I really want to be here for that. It's weird I'm really torn right now, I've really grown to love my companion, missionaries, members, investigators and people here in Tucson.. But I also really want to go to Angola and experience all that I have in store there. It's weird cause I haven't been here long yet I'll miss the people here a lot already.. But I'm super excited to get to Angola and do some good work there. 

The bus drivers here are on strike so half the ward isn't coming to church and we can't get any investigators to come to church either, many of the people have lost their jobs because they can't get to work so it's just terrible all around! These stupid bus drivers are stopping the work of good citizens but more importantly they are stopping the work of salvation! 

We went to the Gila valley temple as well this week, which was awesome, it wasn't a good day for missionary work in Tuscon but it was a great day for missionary work in the spirit world.. Either way we are still saving souls! But cool experience, after ward council we went out into the foyer and there was a homeless guy looking super sad on the couch.. So elder Huntington and I went up and talked to him.. He said his wife was murdered a couple of years ago and life was going terrible and we could tell he didn't want to talk to anyone or be apart of any church meeting, all he wanted was to be in the house of the lord and feel the lords spirit and love in his life. He knew our church buildings have it and wanted to feel it so he came here.. Pretty cool and sometimes we forget how important the church building truly is.

Love you miss you

Elder Webber

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