Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Doing Well... The Work Continues...

This week was a lot of fun, it started out with a meeting for our malaria pills and to sum all of that up is was them saying if we miss a day in taking our pills we die, or if we take the pills at the wrong time or lay down after taking the pills we get incredibly sick and wish we were dead.. so that fun to hear haha 

I dont see how the MTC can be hard for anyone.. the hardest part about it is just learning the language because you get so frustrated when you cant understand a word the teacher is speaking so you just sit there with a blank stare on your face trying to peace together everything thats going on.. but its slowly coming and i can see the progress slowly grow in my life as i diligently struggle and work on the language and the mission. 

We taught more mock discussions and those are slowly improving, the spirit is always there whether you understand what the person is saying or not so that was fun.  We sent off quite a few elders from our zone and a sister from our district and it was a really cool experience to be in the circle and bless them as they enter into the field. It was a really cool thing to see so many missionaries serving and faithful and willing to help others. 

The devotionals are always really good and you really see a different side to all the brethren.. Theres rumors that there might be a qourem of the twelve here today so we might have to start lining up at the doors now to get a good spot to see him speak.. but my favorite part about the devotionals is hearing all of the lords servants sing hymns.. Its the coolest thing to be a part of.. 

Other then that nothing much happened.. the days are pretty much the exact same here.. more stuyding, eating praying.. thats about it. SErvice is fun here, the best part about it though is you get a sack breakfast and you can choose the milk and they have cookies and cream milk from the BYU creamery and it is heaven in a bottle. 

Tell joseph to write me back because there truly nothing better then receiving letters in the MTC.. 

Also elder bradshaw got an email from the elders in angola and they told him the stuff that they should have brought.. so ill need 2 more pairs of short sleeve dress shirt (size 16), 1 pair of my gray suite pants (just one pair of pants), 8 more pairs of socks, and my blue tie that we wore at Aarons wedding.. Thank you! 

Love you, Ill send photos in another email

Elder Webber

Yeah our mock discussion was with a guy named Assis (it was our teacher pretending to be a guy from Angola) and it was going really well as first, we could understand what what he was saying and we could reply back so it was doing good at the beginning and we asked him all about his life and family and he told us and we understood, but then we got into our lesson and he started talking really fast to our questions and we had no idea what he was saying because we asked why he couldn't get married right now and we were so confused on what he was saying.. So elder mitchell and i just said "we know know that marriage is ordained of god and we know that god willl help you with whatever you need" pretty sure we didnt answer any of his other questions but the spirit was there so it was still really good. We also got moved up to our 3rd floor with the rest of our zone and district and the first night was crazy fun but dont worry we still obeyed all of the rules.. it was just good to relax and talk to missionaries that we are in classs with.. 

Ill send photos next week, these computers are being dumb

Elder Webber

The only three Angola missionaries in the MTC, Me elder Bradshaw and Elder mitchell 

Our district, Me, Elder mitchell, Elder Nimmo (aka Nemo), Elder Thompson Elder Stewart Elder Bott, Elder Podzikowski, Elder Green, Elder Kaelberer, Elder Jimenez, SIster Hunsaker and Sister Roasbach

 Mine and elder nimmos ensign photo

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