Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tucson,.. as in Arizona?

So this week has been super weird, a whole lot of ups and downs in this crazy emotional week at the MTC. Started out with our branch presidency saying how well we have been doing and how district is lifting the standard for our whole zone.. so that was really cool to hear, President Dansie is a straight boss and he really knows what is best for the branch, so that was great to hear. but them Friday rolled around and that's when it all went down hill really fast.. so our whole district was suppose to get their travel Friday and the majority of them did.. except for Elder Mitchell and i.. we sat there waiting for ours but they never came, a bit confused we went to the travel office and asked what was up and they said that we haven't gotten our VISAs yet and that if we dont get our visas this next week we will be going on temporary reassignment to Tuscon Arizona, until our visas do come then its off to Angola. Super frustrating, super dumb as to why they didnt come, why it took so long, and why us? but elder Mitchell and i went and said a prayer together for comfort and the rest of the week we have felt the lords love and comfort in our lives. We have a feeling that everything is going to be okay and that its not our work to do but the lords and it doesnt matter where we serve as long as we serve with all our heart might mind and strength. They are still children of god and need to be brought back into the fold of god. so either way im still excited to get out and teach people, whether i can understand them or not it'll still be the lords work and it still needs to be done. 

Sundays are really long here, we still in our class room and do nothing for hours. but the coolest part is our branch has allowed us to watch music and the spoken word! Never realized how great that little 30 min would be. Its really nice to just mix up the usual day of the MTC with something different and fun.. really enjoyable. Also this last week we have really been listing to Elder Bednar alot and he is probably my favorite apostle now. He laws down the law, his talks are so crazy here in the MTC when you watch the recordings of them it still hits you like a ton of bricks, but even his GC talks are so powerful and strong its really cool to read and listen to his testimony. Our TRC this week was fun, we got to skype people from outside the country some got portugal, most got brazil, but what did elder mitchell and i get? a girl that lives across the street form the MTC!! whats the point?? haha but oh well we still taught a really good lesson and it was still really fun. 

Oh remember my lunch time missionaries that were having a hard time and i talked to them, well they are still here and are doing really well i see them with a big smile on their face laughing and having fun now, a big difference to what they were last week. i see them every once in a while and we talk for a little bit and they give me an update and tell me everything is going really well. so thats great to hear. They are finally completely on the lords side and are now seeing the wonderful blessings that come from it. 

any ways thats about it.. still waiting on that visa to come and to go to angola, but if it doesnt im off to Arizona.. 

Elder Webber

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