Saturday, August 1, 2015

First week in MTC


MTC is fantastic, i haven't felt the spirit so much or so hard in my whole life then when i'm here. On a lot of occasions its felt like my heart was going to explode because of the love and comfort that i have felt form the spirit. We had a Sunday devotional from Elder Allen n the seventy about why we came, and who we left behind and that was really good, but after Elder mitchell and i watched a talk by elder Bednar called the Character of Christ (its only shown here in the MTC) and it was legit life changing. He talked about how christ lived and how we can learn to live like him. After the movie Elder mitchell and i just sat there wide eyed with our minds blown out the back of our heads.. It was nuts. 

I already know how to say my testimony, a prayer, parts of lessons, and ask questions and reply to them in Portuguese.. so the gift of tongues is real and strong.. but there's so much more to learn and to perfect. Elder Mitchell and i gave 3 lessons already to Thiago and our first lesson was on friday.. Its crazy to see how much you can learn and grow here. The first lesson we were reading off of a paper, and the third lesson we didn't have any notes or help.. pretty cool

My district is dope, its a ton of elders going to Mozambique, portugal or cape Verde and we all get along and have some solid laughs and good times during the day.  The weird thing is though me and elder mitchell stay on the first floor while our whole zone and district is on the third. its really weird cause we are staying with elders gonig to Idaho and Brazil, but its fine cause then we can actually study and write in our journals, because if we were up top we would be way to distracted to get anything done. 

The food is great here and we lift at the gym everyday and so far i've already gained 4 pounds!! so im on my way to get nice and big for Angola. The transfer before us had 8 Angola missionaries in it but one elder, Elder Bradshaw had to stay behind because he had to have his tonsels removed so we always see him walking around high as a kite and eating a frostie, which is really sad but really funny as well. he told us all the stuff that they heard and experienced while preparing for angola, and he said only 3 of them including elder bradshaw are in Angola right now because its really hard to get you visa for Angola. They even had to go to a consulate in the LA and DC so they could finish it up. so that would be cool if elder Mitchell and i went to LA just for a day for that.. but you never know.. if you could please fast and pray to help my visa that would be great. 

Other then that nothing big here, just always studying or eating; nothing else. You are always praying and you are always doing something for the lord. its really cool and fun feeling cause the spirit is always so strong here. 

Thanks for the food mom, it was a lot more then i expected but i'm not complaining.. Ill ask just for one more thing and i promise i wont need anything more... If you could send my light blue tie, my red and black tie, my gold tie as well as my skinny purple tie and my Angola flag that would be awesome! 

Thanks for everything

Love you,
 Elder Webber

PS i will write Joseph soon and send it away..

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