Tuesday, August 11, 2015

President Nelson Visits the MTC ....

This week was really good, just more studying and learning portuguese.. We put up the Angola flag in the back of our class and it legit looks like we are a classroom in a communist country, its kinda weird walking in and seeing it displayed proudly on the back wall of our class. I got my first haircut by someone other than myself here in the MTC and they did really good.. slowly learning to trust people with my hair so thats good. I learned how to do the rubix cube this week and have gotten pretty fast at it.. my best time was 2:50 thats gonna be really helpful.. when i show those african kids my skills and they kill me because of black magic. We also hosted this week and i got to host elder ham into the MTC, it was awesome talking to him and catching up with him. i see him every once in a while and its really good to see him, hes loving it here. We also found out our name tags can be used for musical instruments and our ID cards can be used for throwing knifes.. just another productive week here in the MTC

The Tuesday devotional was President Nelson, and that was incredible.. He talked about our role and how important we are as missionaries, but it was great because he shared his feelings and thoughts about becoming the quorum of the twelve apostles president and that was great to hear. He said how he felt inadequate and did feel like he deserved it.. I feel inadequate when i have to say a prayer in front of people.. so that blows my mind! I finished the BOM this week and thats always a great spiritual confirmation on the truthfulness of the gospel. We did TRCs this week and thats when you have real people come in and you teach them in your language a lesson.. it was really cool and elder mitchell and i actually had a great time doing it.. the language is slowly coming along! (Josh and Aaron should look into doing that, its voluntary so anyone who speaks a language can do it.. its really cool) 

Elder mitchell and i had to care for an elder who had a giant cist on his tail bone and that was really gross, but we also left the MTC to go the health department and that was a nice little breathe of freedom.. Elder mitchell was also called as the online coordinator, they help the new missionaries with their emails and that was really funny because he sits down and says " I dont know a thing about computers" we laughed and realized he was totally right! Oh i invited everyone in the world to read Mormon 2:4, probably one of my favorite scriptures and scriptural proof that my mission is the best mission on earth! it even says in the the scriptures! 

Anyways thats about it.. nothing else really happened here just repetitive and the same thing over and over agian.. 

Elder Webber

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