Tuesday, August 18, 2015


This week was a lot of fun, we hosted again this week and instead of getting the elders we were directing traffic and that was really fun because we were given walkie talkies and that was a terrible idea for them to give us walkie talkies... We have the coolest teachers though, Irmao Nore and Irma Read, they are the greatest people ever. Irmao Nore knows Pete really well and has actually been to our home a couple times which is really cool, but our teachers usually speak 100% portuguese but sometimes Irmao Nore speaks in english and when he does you know its about to get real with the gospel doctrine he's about to lay down for everyone. It usually blows my mind pretty bad, We taught TRCs again this week and last week elder Mitchell and i didn't do as well as we could of, but this week we knew exactly what they were saying and could talk back and we killed it this week, probably the best feeling ever when you actually nail a great lesson and feel the spirit super strong, also when you studying here for the full 3 hours that you are suppose to you can pretty much feel the spirit leaning over you and telling you things are true and what you need to study, its a cool feeling and its really nice to have the spirit tell you what the lord wants you to know and to study.. pretty cool stuff..

The devotional for sunday we had the Nashville Tribute band play and that was a very new and interesting experience. I really like their music because it mixed it up from always listening to hymns but their music made it seem like we were in some southern baptist church haha it was weird at first cause our church never does that, but it was actually really good after you got over the initial shock of what was actually happening, and my district sat 3 rows back from the front so we had front stage passes as well haha couldn't be better! Lately weve been listening to a lot of GC talks and they are all so dang good, i sorta beat myself up for falling asleep so often during GC and missing these awesome talks that they give, they are all so great theres just not enough time to listen to read them all! ahhh super frustrating! Its interesting to see how some elders handle their missions, some take it as a joke others get super home sick, and we were sitting across from an elder and his companion and they were being so negative about the whole mission, i wanted to get up and slap the baby out of them and yell "Quit being so dang greedy and serve the lord for two years, just keep going" but i couldn't do that so the next best thing was just to bear testimony and tell them what i was thinking, so i talked to them for a little and they finally left and after that an elder in my district was sitting next to me and he turns to me and says " Wow that was crazy, felt as if the spirit was talking to everyone here" so that was a pretty crazy experience, just goes to show that we are just tools for the lord to use, and when we open our mouths and forget ourselves thats when the lord and the holy spirit are able to go through us and to preach and testify to those that need it. 

Spirit is real and boy is it strong, mission is true and it doesnt matter who you are as long as you surrender yourself to god forget about yourself and your only desire is to serve him then he will use you as an instrument in his hands to preach and teach to those that need it most, He the same god that did all those miracles in the bible and book of mormon so why wouldnt he help you with your mission or help you become the best person you can be?

Elder Thompson and i thought up a quote that we really like and are going to use our whole mission "would you rather have legs here on earth, but not have anyone waiting for you in heaven? or have no legs here on earth but be able to walk up to those you baptized and give them a hug in heaven?" food for thought 


Elder Webber

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